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Stephen Pilcher

Stephen Pilcher is a life long cyclist with over 30 years mountain biking and riding experience. He loves to get out and rip it up on the many trails of Vancouver Island and abroad  He has a genuine zest for excitement and adventure no matter where he is.

Over the past 26 years he has raced BC Cup Level and Vancouver Island Series Events Mountain biking in all disciplines MTB, Enduro, Downhill and has enjoyed racing Cyclocross for the past 5 years. He is proud to have had the chance to achieve several Gold, Silver and Bronze metals over the years. He has a real drive for competition and wants to help others achieve their highest goals too.

As a daily commuter, he has a vested interest in bringing more safety awareness to cyclists and drivers on the roads.

Stephen has maintained and grown his professionalism with his First-aid training, holding OFA3 certifications for the past 7 years and spent over 5 years experience as a Pro Patrol and Volunteer First Responder Trainer at Mount Washington Ski Patrol. Safety is of upmost importance.

He has dreams of riding across the country and raising money for charity.

He certainly has a passion for giving back to community and to continue to grow the cycling culture everywhere.


Professional Mountain Bike Instructor/Guide

Certified – NCCP Intro to Competition Coach

Fully Trained – NCCP Community Coach

Fully Trained – Cycling BC iRide Leader/Instructor

NCCP Learning Facilitator

First Aid Professional

Tyler Walker

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Andrew Desrochers

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