May 14, 2019

“Steve has great teaching skills. He is positive, confidence boosting, patient and great at communicating with kids. I’m amazed at what my son accomplished in a few short lessons. He went from dead set against biking to begging to go biking after dinner. Thank you Steve!”

Anna Quennelle – Parent


May 29, 2019

“Great brush up on skills and safety precautions. Thanks Stephen!”

Kay Hunter


Aug 25, 2019

“When my son (age 6) needed help transitioning from his training wheels, we called Stephen for lessons. Stephen was patient, fun and relatable, sharing his passion for biking with my son. After only 4 lessons, he was training wheels free and loving it! We will be back for group lessons soon. Thank you so much Stephen!”

Marjolaine Tindal – Parent


Aug 28, 2019

“Amazing experience!! Great communication. Meets you where you’re at. Very good instruction and extremely encouraging! Stephen and I went for a ride at Doumont yesterday. I recently injured myself while taking jumps, so my confidence was really low. But Stephen walked me through the flow of getting off the ground, having control of the bike in the air and landing smoothly. Then he walked me through a few drops. I had huge growth of confidence in just a couple hours and I feel much better on the trails. Thanks Stephen!!”

Andrew Desrochers – Owner


July 21, 2020

“Great stuff Stephen. My son Jack has a blast riding with you over the past week. He’s raving about how much your input helped him advance on his bike. He’s really looking forward to coming back again this summer to continue.

Luke Norman – Parent

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