Level 1   1 day 4 hours total $95

Level 2    2 days 8 hours total $159


Would you like to hone your skills and build your confidence when you ride on XC trails. The goal is to help you develop a wider range of skills to keep you safe and having fun on the trails. Start the day off with some basic bike maintenance. Proper trail etiquette, effective bike handling, understanding gearing and hills, front wheel lifts to help overcome obstacles, roll downs, bumps and burms. Offering 3 different levels to properly suit your needs as a rider. This course is aimed at XC trail riding.



A 3-6 week after-school program for riders 6-16 years old, iRide After-School programs are designed to teach intermediate cycling skills, build confidence and connect local youth with one another through the challenges of cycling.

iRide instructors are trained by the National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP) and undergo a background screening. Cycling BC’s iRide program subscribes to the Coaches Association of Canada’s Responsible Coaches Movement and follows the High Five: Healthy Child Development principles to help our instructors create an engaging and effective learning environment.

The program is designed for students who can already ride and exhibit level 3-5 abilities. Programs are designed and facilitated by local instructors, and often times numerous skill levels are welcome.

All sessions include skill development, bicycle rides and games appropriate to participant age and ability following the Cycling Canada Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD). Learn more here.


iRide Coaches

A lasting and enjoyable learning experience for students begins with skilled coaches. Only Nationally Certified Coaching Program

graduates are eligible to teach iRide programs, and each new iRide coaches completes an apprenticeship with experienced iRide head coaches.

This way our coaches understand how to best share their cycling expertise all four types of learning styles: auditory, visual, kinesthetic and tactile.

Our coach team includes aspiring youth racers, professional coaches with cycling accolades and passionate parents trained to teach.

As a result, our dynamic team brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to the sessions, creating fun and memorable experiences.


iRide Skills

The iRide program teaches a total of 10 basic and 3 intermediate riding skills in accordance with the NCCP Basic Cycling Skills coaching course.

Our sessions are conducted within the safe confines of a traffic-free environment, utilizing school grounds, local parks, pump tracks, BMX and track cycling facilities and local trails.

  • Starting & Braking
  • Straight-Line Riding
  • Scanning & Signaling
  • Low-Speed Turns
  • Medium-Speed Turns
  • Ready Position & Limbo
  • Front Wheel Lift
  • Dismount & Remount
  • Bumping & Buzzing
  • Gearing & Cadence
  • Riding up variable terrain
  • Riding down variable terrain
  • Riding off a curb or drop-off

These skills are taught at all our iRide events.  Our coaches tailor the focus of each session to the age and ability level of their students.


iRide Levels

Understanding where your child is on the development pathway can be a challenge.  Luckily our iRide staff work with youth riders aged 6 – 16 every day!

To help identify what session best fits your child and at what point it is safe to advance to the next level, please review the below table.

LEVEL                                                    MINIMUM ABILITY TYPICAL AGE     PROGRAMS
0 New to Biking 3 – 8 yrs Free Events
1 Ride a 2-wheel bike; 60 pedal strokes without stopping 4 – 9 yrs. In-School
2 Start & stop quickly; Stand & coast; Tap head while riding 5 – 10 yrs. In-School
3 Turn quickly; Look behind while riding straight; Roll off sidewalk curb 7 – 11 yrs. Community
4 Lift front wheel; Use gears for changing terrain; Ready for 45-minute exercise 8 – 12 yrs. Community, Field Trips
5 Stop’n Go without foot tap; Can ride small ramps & bridges; Ready for 60-minute exercise 9 – 15 yrs. All Above
6+ Stop’n with 1 hand on head; Ride beside a partner; Ready for 75-minute exericse 9 – 19 yrs. Youth Club

Click here for more information on iRide 

 Courses Available For The Following:

Level 3-4 Ages 7-12

Level 4-5 Ages 8-15



Location: Diver Lake, Nanaimo, BC

Time: 5:30-7pm



STREET SMARTS WORKSHOP OVERVIEW This workshop is 4 hours in duration.


Are you wanting to feel comfortable riding your bike on the roadways and understand your bike better?? Learn to become a Street-Smart cyclist and gain confidence riding in traffic. The day will start with introduction, then move into rules and regs of the road, common cycling routes, rider visibility and safety, road positioning, traffic lights, proper bike set up, effective bike handling, proper braking, understanding your gears. Gain confidence through cycling activities and have fun. We will be inside for the first 2 hrs and outside for the remaining 2 hrs. We will be going on a 5-10 km ride on the roads to help explain our roles as cyclists on them.


All participants must have a certified biking helmet, full functioning bike with lights and basic riding skills.  Bring snacks, water and weather appropriate clothing. (This workshop will be done rain or shine)

2021 Spring Programs are open for registration!

Mar 15, 2021 Street Smarts 8-11yrs 9:30 -12:30 Beban Park CLICK HERE to register!

Mar 15, 2021 Street Smarts 6-8yrs 12:30 -4:30 Beban Park CLICK HERE to register!

May 16, 2021 Street Smarts 8-11yrs 9:30 -12:30 Beban Park Registration link coming soon!

May 16, 2021 Street Smarts 6-8yrs 12:30 -4:30 Beban Park Registration link coming soon!